Who I am: Maarten Bakker

Where I am: The Netherlands

What I am: Bass player. Music educator. Composer.

My focus:  Fun. Dedication. Time. Groove. Sound. Taste. Melody. Form. Freedom. Connecting.

My credentials:  Performance degree electric bass, music education degree, toured in 20+ countries playing Pop, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Hip Hop, World Music and Classical. Produced and composed Rejected Scripts.


What other people have to say about me: 

Warren Byrd – jazz pianist and singer: “Maarten Bakker embodies what makes an outstanding artist: Willingness to work hard…and an instrument in his hand; amazing talent and passion does the rest. I’ve always grooved greatly and feel the most excitement with what comes from the best of all his instruments: his brilliant mind.”

Lionel Ziblat – composer, guitarist, band leader:Maarten is one of the most reliable and sociable musicians I had the pleasure to work with. Always eager to give the best performance with the best vibe, and still always open to learn and grow.

Pape Seck – Senegalese percussionist and singer: “Maarten is a fantastic bass player: Open minded, surprising and curious. He’s ‘complete’, feeling the whole stage and connecting with the audience. He’s living music!”

My solo album:

Rejected Scripts

“My” band: 

Amsterdam Saints.


Other bands I am lucky to play and record with on a regular basis:

Round About Now

RoMi Cage

Maarten Russchen Band

Saskia Laroo

Born XL

Modest Midget

Simon Feenstra


My main gear: 

De Gier basses

Markbass amps