Use Me

Bill Withers is one of my favourite performers and songwriters. He has a great sense of melody, a good spirited message and I believe he is one of the most honest and down to earth people in the “music business” (though he has shunned that scene for quite some time by now). Check out the fantastic documentary “Still Bill” to see what I mean. Really, go watch it!

“Use Me” shows that there is a very funky side to his music as well. Steve Gadson’s understated drumming drives the track, with a percussive bass part by Melvin Dunlop grooving along. The funky clavinet and guitar parts complete the groove, leaving space for Withers’ voice to tell the story.

This track was a nice exercise in phrasing for the part where I play the melody. The bass part is (and should be!) very repetitive, while employing a left hand muting technique mad famous by Tower Of Powers’ Rocco Prestia.

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